Two Leaves Tea: Ceremonial Matcha - Single Serve 10-pack NEW

Two Leaves Tea: Ceremonial Matcha - Single Serve 10-pack
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Brand: Two Leaves Tea
  • ★ Organic
  • ★ Vegan
  • Ceremonial grade matcha in convenient, single-serve to-go packs, perfectly measured for a ceremonial matcha bowl, or small water bottle. It’s everything we love: top-of-the-world tasty, portable, and accessible!

    100% Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Japanese Green Tea (1.5g/stick); ten sticks per bag.

    COLD-BREW: Pour 1 stick into a water bottle. Shake. Enjoy!

    MATCHA CEREMONY: 1. Heat the matcha bowl by filling it about 1/3 with hot water. Once the bowl has heated, empty out the water and dry the bowl with a cloth.
    2. Open Ceremonial Matcha Stick and pour powder into the bowl. Sifting the matcha into the bowl helps remove any clumps of powder.
    3. Pour 3oz hot (not boiling) water into the matcha bowl.
    4. Whisk the matcha briskly in and “M” pattern until the matcha has a thick froth with tiny bubbles on the surface.
    5. Add more hot water, to your taste preference.

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